How to Choose the Right Stockbroker in Russia?

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Choosing a stockbroker is one of the most important decisions a person has to make in their financial life. It can be a crucial part of building wealth in the stock market in Russia for an individual or small business. Numerous factors explain why you should choose one broker over another, from fees to services provided; which brokerage is best?


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While low price shouldn’t be the only reason you’re investing with a particular company, it’s essential to understand what your money gets you and how it contributes to your bottom line. When investors want to buy something or simply are anxious to sell things they usually take action before buying by taking advantage of sites offering similar services. Also, think about where those savings go: do they benefit you as an investor by offering better-than-average research and trading tools?

While discounts on commissions are now standard for nearly all online discount brokers, the truth is that not all discount brokers are comparable. There might be a wide range in price, even when they claim to offer discounted trades.

Additionally, you want to consider other costs associated with investing, such as trading commissions and margin interest rates. If a broker has high or hidden fees, it could quickly skyrocket into revenue that eats away your returns.

Fees vary significantly between brokers, and if you’re not looking at them as part of your overall budgeting process, then you could end up with a nasty surprise when it comes time to rebalance or make a withdrawal.

Margin commissions and interest rates can eat into your returns, so make sure you understand the costs associated with trading.

Transaction fees

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Most brokers charge flat-rate transaction fees for every order to trade stocks and options online. At the same time, these rates are much lower than those charged by full-service brokerages.

This type of transaction fee is separate from other fees associated with the stock, such as level-load fees, redemption fees and deferred sales charges. These are all critical things to consider when choosing a brokerage because they could potentially impact your returns on top of any trading costs charged by the broker.

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy notes this example in their guide for new investors: “Say you purchase 100 shares for $10 each ($1,000 total) but then sell them ten days later for $8 each ($800 total). You’ll receive only $800 back even though you paid1,000.” This scenario is an example of a level load or exit fee.

Integration with other services

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More and more brokerages are integrating their systems with third party financial tools like Mint and Personal Capital. These services allow investors to manage portions of their portfolio using free automated budgeting tools, while others offer premium versions for a monthly fee.

While some people may prefer to use stand-alone budgeting or portfolio management tools, these integrated systems are an added perk that can help you manage your money without paying too much more.

If you’re looking for more than just basic functionality, then consider brokers who offer premium services at a reasonable price or ones that offer some freebies on select accounts. These extras could include access to additional research reports, top-notch customer service and robust market data via the web and mobile devices.

Facilities Offered

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A professional and to the point stockbroker will never offer services in isolation- you’d find the person as a one stop solution for the related needs as well. Also, good stockbrokers are professional in making a timely schedule for you and getting things done accordingly. There is not any way to miss out on it.

Low minimums

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While there still aren’t any “free” stock trading sites out there (lowest cost does not necessarily mean no cost), many online brokerages have low minimum trade amounts, so investors of all sizes can get in on the action.

For example, Oanda’s Pro platform charges flat-rate commissions of $0.50 per standard lot, while Interactive Brokers has an even lower minimum of just 1¢ per share.

If you’re on the hunt for cheap brokers, don’t forget to consider ones with low account minimums. This way, there are no barriers between your investment goals and your portfolio returns.

The more planning you do before opening an account, the less likely you’ll be surprised when it comes time to execute a trade or make a withdrawal. Check out our guide to selecting an online broker if you need additional guidance in choosing an online trading partner.


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A good stock broker won’t ever hassle your life and decisions by implementing hidden charges or something similar. Professionals like to keep everything in front and not keep any secrets. Transparency is an essential factor while making such decisions. A right service provider will be transparent from day one without any hidden motives behind.


As we see, a good stockbroker is an ultimate requisite if you have multiple things in mind. Finding one is difficult, but again, mandatory. Once you find a good stockist, you can be further ensured of the right advice and effective solutions to your troubles. Here, a stock broker will be honestly everything you need if you spend effective time in finding the right ones. Spend quality time in performing quality research, then make an informed decision, so that you do not end up with regrets.