The Comprehensive Handbook to Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship through Investment


Have you ever thought about the appeal of living in the Caribbean? By obtaining a passport from Antigua and Barbuda you can gain entry to, than 150 countries. Come with us as we explore how to obtain this passport through investment.

Whether you’re a business owner or a family looking for a home there are plenty of investment opportunities to consider. Lets discover the benefits of Antigua and Barbudas investment migration program together.

What does Citizenship by Investment entail in Antigua and Barbuda?


Investing in citizenship provides a chance to obtain a passport in Antigua and Barbuda while also contributing significantly to the countrys economy.

Located in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda offers an budget friendly citizenship, through investment program that has attracted many international investors since its launch in 2013 boosting the nations economic growth.

How to Obtain Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda?

Securing citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda requires completing a series of tasks.

Step 1: First you must meet criteria, such, as proving your good character having a clean criminal record and undergoing a thorough due diligence review. This vetting process is essential to maintain the credibility of the citizenship program.

Step 2: Application Procedure and Fees Key requirements include:

To apply for an Antigua and Barbuda passport you need to submit documents like proof of identity and financial stability. Make sure you can afford all the costs involved including application fees and due diligence charges.

When it comes to processing time and residency requirements citizenship applications usually take three to six months to process.

It’s essential to meet the residency obligation to maintain your citizenship status. To be eligible, for citizenship you must spend least five days in Antigua and Barbuda within the first five years.

Investment Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda extend a warm invitation to global citizens. The Antigua and Barbuda program offers four investment and contribution avenues:

  1. The National Development Fund
  2. Real Estate Investment
  3. Business Investment
  4. The University of the West Indies Fund

The National Development Fund (NDF)

Antigua and Barbudas National Development Fund (NDF) provides a way to obtain citizenship. This process involves making a refundable contribution towards the countrys development efforts. The main condition is making an investment of $100,000 for an individual applicant with slightly higher amounts required for families.

The application procedure begins with a background check to ensure compliance with international standards. Completing the process usually takes, between three to six months. To finalize your application you need to submit the paperwork including proof of investment and other required documents.

The Real Estate Investment Program


This program is designed for investors looking for assets and the ability to move globally. To participate investors need to invest at $400,000 in approved real estate properties and hold onto them for a minimum of five years. It’s a choice, for individuals interested in tangible investments and also offers citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

Standard documentation, including proof of real estate purchase, is required. Government approval typically takes three to six months, potentially resulting in citizenship within half a year.

Benefits of Choosing This Option:

  • Attainment of citizenship
  • Investment in prime real estate locations
  • Potential financial return on investment