Women Not Internet Savvy?

Source: pexels.com

A study found that women are not as internet savvy as men. What does this mean for the future of online business?

Women are not as internet savvy as men. In fact, they use the internet less than males.

The Wall Street Journal just published a story on the findings of a poll conducted at the Microsoft Small Business Vision to Venture conference. According to a study conducted during the event, 61% of women who own small companies perform no internet marketing and 40% do not have a website. I was understandably dismayed when I read the findings. Why do women continue to lag behind men? However, after more consideration and investigation into the source, I believe these figures do not reflect all women-owned companies. Consider this:

  1. It’s possible that Microsoft had a reason for publishing this survey.
  2. We have no idea where this poll was conducted. Maybe it was at a conference or event about taking your company online. If that’s the case, you can bet that the majority of those in attendance don’t have a website yet.
  3. We don’t know whether Microsoft offered any particular incentives or rewards to encourage women to participate in the poll. What if the reward was a chance to earn Web design time to help you build a website for your company? You may not need to complete the survey if you already have a website.
  4. You get the idea — I could go on and on about many reasons to be skeptical about the poll.
Source: pexels.com

So, what exactly is my point? I believe it is important for everyone to realize that there are experienced survey writers that understand how to arrange a survey to get the desired results. Consider how politicians consistently provide poll findings that back up their positions and problems to a tee. I’m going to suggest that when it comes to being online, I don’t think there is such a divide between men and women in business. I believe that being online is more dependent on your generation than on your gender.

The male and female differences is a study conducted by the Pew Research Center. It was released in September of 2018, and it found that women are not as internet savvy as men.