Your Business Needs a Website, But Not a “WEBSITE!”


A website is a necessary part of any business, but not all websites are created equal. There are many different types of websites for different purposes, and businesses should choose the one that best suits their needs.

A small business doesn’t need a website. A website is often an overpriced, underwhelming design that does not fit the needs of your company.

Focusing on social media (Twitter, Facebook), single landing pages for special deals, or modifying a blog design, according to a recent article in Entrepreneur, you can launch your company online without a website and do it effectively.

Guys, what’s up? I’ve got some good news for you.

You’ve probably heard of Seth Godin, but a blog may also be a website.

And what about a landing page? Most company websites should have a call to action (say “jujubes” and receive 20% off your latte today!) and utilizing an ever-evolving landing page as the website is not only feasible, but also a fantastic concept.

Kirsten Mangers of WebVisible compares these kinds of online presences to “having to maintain a 20-, 30-, or 40-page website,” according to the article.

Yes, it is simpler to manage a single page than it is to create, host, and maintain 40 pages. However, I’ve never seen a regulation stating that a website must be big. It may possibly be that it has more than one page or static content. In the simplest words, a website is a collection of digital assets (web pages, videos, online applications, and so on) that are all addressed to the same URL. That is all there is to it. And for many companies, it is all they need.


Allowing the phrase “A WEBSITE!” to loom bigger than it needs to is a mistake. Your company’s online presence is represented through your website. You may make it as basic or as complicated as you want. Still don’t trust me? One Page Love is a collection of the greatest single-page websites.

The who needs a website is an article that discusses the importance of having a website, but not just any website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have a business without a website?


Why do some businesses not have a website?

Businesses without websites are often small or local businesses that do not have the resources to maintain a website.

Which type of business needs a website?

A website is required for any business that needs to advertise or promote themselves.