Your Business Lives and Dies By Its Differentiator


The difference between a successful business and a struggling one is often just a single word, but that word can have a huge impact on the success of your company. What is your differentiator?

The what is differentiation strategy with examples is a business strategy that can be used to help your business live or die.

I wish there was a better word, but the best I can come up with is differentiator. It’s what distinguishes you. It’s also known as your secret sauce or competitive advantage. It all comes down to the fact that strategy is all about focusing. It’s very crucial.

One approach to think about it is to imagine how someone who understands your company might explain it to someone else in a few sentences or less. Consider restaurants: “Thai cuisine by the wharf” is a unique selling point. “Fast and cheap hamburgers,” not so much. It’s possible that “healthy fast food” will work. It’s possible that “natural and organic” will suffice.

Years ago, I worked for a computer shop that was battling large box retailers that marketed computers as appliances. They concentrated on providing small company owners with peace of mind. Service, installation, hand-holding, and so forth were their differentiators.


You are not the one who makes the decision. You establish a goal and hope that your consumers would help you achieve it. What you want your differentiator to be in this scary new world we live in today, with social media increasing in significance every day, is only the first step. Then you expect to follow through on your commitment. Then you hope that your consumers understand it, since it will show up in online reviews, comments, and social media discussion.

The best you can do is remember your differentiator while you go about your everyday business, and make sure your message is clear. Synchronize your differentiator as much as possible. For example, the computer shop added service branding to the vans its installers drove around in, as well as a big service counter manned by service experts in white jackets inside the store.

I was reminded of this today after speaking with Two Maids and a Mop, an award-winning home cleaning franchise with a unique selling point: the customers’ performance rating—and only that rating—determines the pay level given to the two team members responsible for cleaning the house. That’s simple to comprehend and explain, and it’s reflected effectively on the website and collaterals. That is a fantastic example.

Know what sets you apart from the competition. It’s something to talk about. Please explain. I hope your consumers agree with you.

The types of differentiation strategy is a business strategy that will help your company live and thrive.