You Have to Blow it Sometimes


In the world of business, there are many things that you have to do in order to succeed. Whether it is a new product launch, a new marketing campaign, or an important negotiation, sometimes you have to take risks and make big decisions. This can be difficult because often times when you make a risk-based decision, it doesn’t always work out the way that you had hoped.

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I wrote about Guy Kawasaki’s list of five lessons he’s learnt as an entrepreneur the other day. His list reminded me of one very significant fact I’ve faced with over the course of my more than 25 years as an entrepreneur.

You Make Errors Starting, developing, and operating a company requires a constant stream of decisions, decisions, and more decisions. You can’t accomplish it without making errors every now and again. You can’t possibly be correct all of the time.

When I write it down in words, I hope it appears self-evident. However, the consequences are less apparent. If you’re going to establish, develop, and manage a company, you’d best be prepared to cope with the errors that will inevitably follow you. You can either look back and drive yourself insane, or you can look ahead and keep trying.


Many activities include a lot of trying and failing. Getting a hit one out of every three attempts is much better than average in baseball. In baseball, the pitcher is allowed to throw three poor pitches before the hitter is given a free base. In basketball, a team that makes 50% of their shots is doing well. They play 90 minutes of soccer and score one or two goals per team on average.

Another of these pursuits is business. You should expect to make errors. After the fact, don’t think about them. Deal with the error, figure out what went wrong, and figure out what should happen next and why–then go back to work.

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