What to Do if You’ve Accidentally Locked Yourself Out of the Office: 6 Tips to Prevent This From Happening

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It’s every working professional’s worst nightmare: you make your way to the office in the morning only to realize that you’ve locked yourself out. Before you panic, take a deep breath and remember that we’ve all been there before—and that it’s not the end of the world!

What to do if You’ve Locked Yourself Out

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No one ever plans for a lockout, but it’s an unfortunate reality that it can happen to even the most prepared individuals. If you find yourself locked out of an office, there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize the disruption to your work day.

First and foremost, do not panic! It may sound obvious but it is essential to step in your approach to the situation. Do your best to remain calm and collected during this time so that you can think clearly and rationally when making decisions.

If this happened due to a technical failure or administrator error, see if you have access to another administrator account that will allow you access to the office. This is obviously not an option if a human error has caused your lockout, but if available it is often the fastest way back into your workspace.

Next, contact any colleagues who may still be inside the office and ask them for help. Chances are they would be willing to assist with their key or entry pass in order to get back into the workplace without having to contact management or building security for help.

Another option is contacting building security – typically only available as part of a larger facility – as they may have additional methods of entry themselves. Larger facilities often employ a 24-hour security staff that should be able to assist with access into the building grounds and cooperate accordingly when trying to retrieve entry into specific areas including offices inside of commercial buildings.

Keeping contact details for local locksmiths close at hand can prove invaluable in these situations as well; not just limited within an unlocked business environment, but even in home-bound settings where possible alternatives include purchasing hardware replacements such as locks or keys quickly and efficiently.

Contacting a Professional Service

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If you’re unable to locate any alternative access points, then it’s time to contact a professional lockout service like Locksmith in Colorado Springs. It’s recommended that you research local service providers ahead of time and find one with plenty of positive reviews from former customers. Once you have chosen a provider, prepare as much information as possible before calling them – this includes building address, type/brand of lock installed in the office as well as proof that you are the legal inhabitant or owner of the property.

When the specialist arrives at the property, they will inspect and assess the security system before providing an estimate for the job or any additional associated costs. Once both parties have agreed on the labor fee they can begin using non-destructive methods to regain entry into your office such as lock picking or key impressioning techniques which should provide fast entry without causing damage to your property or lockset systems.

Prevention Measures

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Here are some simple tips to consider:

    1. Update your contact details: Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date with any handymen or security personnel who may need to reach you in case of a lockout.
    2. Make multiple copies of your keys: Have one set with you at all times, one on a lanyard or key ring in your workspace, and one on hand that is accessible only to trusted personnel like a manager or supervisor.
    3. Utilize access control systems when possible: Installing an access control system allows you to manage security settings more easily and make changes remotely if necessary. This can help reduce the chance of accidental lockouts caused by incorrect codes or forgotten keys.
    4. Invest in an access card reader: An access card reader system allows only authorized personnel to enter the office space, making it much harder for someone who isn’t supposed to be there to access building areas or files they are not authorized for.
  1. Take advantage of open-door policies: When available, utilize open-door policies which allow individuals without keys to enter area-keyed spaces supervised by a designated person with a master key; this could help reduce out-of-hours lockouts significantly!
  2. Ensure everyone has their own unique key set: Make sure everyone in the office has their own unique set of keys so that if someone does get locked out of the office you can easily determine which individual was locked out and provide them with the appropriate key set to gain entry again quickly and safely!

Insurance Considerations

Most likely, standard business insurance packages include coverage for a variety of eventualities such as unexpected occurrences, property damage, theft, and more. Your policy will likely also have language dealing with locksmith services for situations where keys or entry cards have been lost, stolen, or misplaced.

It’s important to take time to review your policy so that you are familiar with what is covered if you find yourself locked out of the office. Common policies may cover costs associated with replacing locks, cylinders, or other security devices; but usually, actual locksmith fees, equipment rental charges, and additional labor costs are not covered. Professional services may also be provided as an additional service on some policies but these services can vary widely based on a variety of factors such as the method used to effect entry (drilling vs. picking) and the security level of the lock itself. If a lockout occurs after normal business hours then some companies may add extra service fees for late-night calls as well as mileage charges if applicable.

Employees who frequently work after hours should be sure to read their insurance policy thoroughly and contact their provider if they have any questions regarding coverage before they find themselves in an unpleasant situation due to an accident lockout from office premises.


Knowing what to do if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of the office can help prevent unnecessary stress and worry. It’s important to try to stay calm and follow the steps outlined in this article: find a way into the building, call for assistance from colleagues or security personnel, contact a locksmith if needed, keep spare keys with trusted people, and take extra precautions to avoid future lockouts. With these tips in mind, you’ll be prepared should you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation again.